There is no such thing as a shrink-wrapped, one-size-fits-all lottery solution. At Game-Tec Labs we understand that a lottery operation must be implemented with local customs, infrastructure, and regulations in mind. Innovation is the art of taking advanced technologies and adapting them to solve unique and challenging problems. We pride ourselves on our track record of success is some of the world’s most challenging environments. By using our innovative technology to overcome uniquely local challenges we bring value to our customers that is not possible with the one-size-fits-all solutions of other suppliers.



Experience on four continents has lead Game-Tec Labs to the development of one of the world’s largest portfolio of games. These include but are not limited to:

  •  Traditional lotto style jackpot and fixed prize draw games
  •  Digit games (2D,3D,4D,5D,6D etc) with multiple bet variations
  •  Keno / rapid-draw keno
  •  Rapid-draw games
  •  Traditional/raffle style games
  •  Scratch tickets / instant games
  •  Virtual games

For our virtual games we offer full HD resolution animations of the draw/race event utilizing our GLI certified digital random number generation module.

Retailer Management and POS Terminal Solution

While mobile and interactive betting is trending up, retail betting via point-of-sale terminals still make up the bulk of nearly every lottery operator’s sales in the world today. Game-Tec Labs is a terminal-agnostic company who draws on a vast network of terminal hardware providers around the globe to offer our customers the widest range of terminal options of any supplier.


Our open system architecture allows us to easily integrate hardware from any manufacturer. To-date Game-Tec Labs has deployed terminal solutions for our customer from no less than eight different terminal manufacturers. This breadth of choice allows us to recommend and provide the perfect mix of technology, form, function, and price to our customer. No other supplier offers such a wide choice.

Interactive and Mobile Solutions

New generations of players are demanding new and exciting ways of playing the lottery. Our mobile offerings include everything from text-based SMS and USSD solutions (still very popular, and available on all phones) to iOS and Android applications as well as HTML5 mobile web sites.

The key to making these solutions work is a simple and free payment method combined with a simple, secure, and free means of collecting winnings. Through vast experiences in these areas across the globe Game-Tec Labs has developed solutions in multiple markets that meet these often difficult challenges.

Scratch Ticket Management System

Instant tickets are hugely popular in virtually every market where they are allowed. Delivering, securing, validating, and managing an inventory of millions of pre-printed physical tickets is a complex operation. Our GT-INSTANT system makes it easy.


GT-INSTANT is an inventory management, distribution, and real-time validation system for scratch-off tickets. Ticket packs (books) are tracked from warehouse to retailer and every place in between with real-time precision. Order management can be efficiently managed using our automated ordering system or via multiple manual ordering solutions available to retailers and sales professionals alike. We support real-time keyless validation and integrate with all major instant ticket printers.


Operations Management and other Services

Game-Tec Labs also offers on-site and off-site operations management services. Given our broad experience and knowledge of industry best practices we are highly qualified to provide services to our customers in areas such as game design, market research, staff planning and recruiting, technical operations, sales and marketing, field services, hotline, and much more. We offer both fully-managed solutions as well as build-operate-transfer. Whatever the case may be we have the experience to provide what you need.