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Our patent-pending Baccarat Jackpot game adds a progressive side bet to the standard baccarat (or any version of baccarat) table game. Add incremental revenue without impacting the underlying baccarat game at all!

Tables are linked together with hi-resolution LCD displays showing the standard trend graphs plus the rolling jackpot. Side bet confirmation is fast and easy using the touch-screen dealer control terminal, maximizing the speed of play. Key features include:

  •  Built-in Baccarat Display System (trend graphs).
  • No hardware changes required to the table, such as drilling of holes, etc.
  •  Centrally managed via a browser based administration interface with comprehensive reporting.
  •  Multiple prize levels in addition to the jackpot, based on 4-card poker hands.
  •  Configurable prize tables.
  •  GLI certified.
  •  Real-time rolling jackpot on all linked tables.
  •  Bet correction.


The Game-Tec Labs BDS product is a configurable LCD display solution for showing baccarat trends and other information such as table limits. The following are the main features of the BDS:

  •  Pole mounted LCD display of any size using standard VESA mounting (poles included).
  • Hi-resolution graphics
  •  Custom logo
  •  Main road, little pig, cockroach
  •  Next hand prediction
  •  Hand correction
  •  Support for automatic card readers such as Angle Eye.
  •  Ability to print out the history.
  •  Dual language support (e.g. English and Chinese).


Our Keno solution for casinos is a comprehensive package that includes the following main components.

  •  Touch-screen ticketing terminals
  • Servers (primary and backup).
  • Results displays via LCD monitors.
  •  GLI certified RNG for draw results.

The system supports all popular betting methods including WAY and COMBO bets as well as multi-draw tickets with re-issue.